Filipino Canadians ‘Take the Leap’

TORONTO – The Filipino Canadian Political Association is proud to share the success of their inaugural event “Taking the Leap: Filipino Canadian Leadership in Politics and Community.”

“This event was an important first step for the Filipino Canadian Political Association – we were lucky to have so many engaged and interested Filipino Canadians participate. I believe this event was a strong start to the necessary dialogue to ensure that more Filipino Canadians participate in national, provincial and local politics,” said Paul Saguil, community activist and member of the panel.

“I was incredibly honored to participate in this panel, and am looking forward to our future events. As a young Filipino Canadian, I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far,” said Grant Gonzales, a government relations professional and panel member.

The event will be an exciting opportunity to hear directly from Filipino-Canadians involved in politics, either as candidates or staff, and who have served as senior community leaders.


About the Filipino Canadian Political Association

The Filipino Canadian Political Association is a new organization that seeks to provide support and work to elect more Filipino-Canadians at a national, provincial and municipal level.