Filipino-Canadians Could Swing the Next Election

TORONTO – There are almost a million Filipino-Canadians in Canada – and who they vote for will have major ramifications in the next federal election, the Filipino Canadian Political Association pointed out today.

“Filipino-Canadians were a major factor in some of the most competitive contests during the 2019 federal election. For example, in the GTA battleground riding of Richmond Hill, the margin of victory was just 212 votes – a riding with 2,940 Filipino Canadians,” said Grant
Gonzales, a board member of the Filipino Canadian Political Association.

The Filipino-Canadian population’s influence in electoral politics is rapidly growing across Canada. The Philippines is consistently among the top three source countries for permanent residents admitted annually, and the Filipino-Canadian population is approaching one million.

“There are 37 ridings where the Filipino-Canadians population was larger than the 2019 margin of victory. Political parties would be wise to meaningfully engage one of the fastest growing population groups in Canada. And yet, for 17 years and counting, there has not been a single Filipino-Canadian Member of Parliament,” said Gonzales.

“Filipino-Canadians will play a pivotal role in choosing the next federal government, as a significant population group in competitive ridings, especially in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. It is beyond time that Canadian political parties recognize this and nominate Filipino-Canadian candidates in winnable ridings,” concluded Gonzales.


About the Filipino Canadian Political Association
The Filipino Canadian Political Association is a new non-profit, cross-partisan, grassroots organization working toward stronger Filipino-Canadian representation in elected offices at all levels of government.

Ridings Where the Filipino Population is Greater than the 2019 Margin of Victory

#Riding NameFilipinos (Total)Total Population% FilipinoMarginFilipinos-Margin
1Winnipeg North3190095,67633.34%7112-24788
2Winnipeg Centre1750585,94920.37%2369-15136
3York Centre17670104,31916.94%5828-11842
4Fleetwood–Port Kells11235116,9589.61%1899-9336
5Vancouver South12510102,92712.15%3420-9090
7Surrey Centre112501201729.36%4100-7150
8Steveston–Richmond East876599,9138.77%2747-6018
9Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam5110123,5764.14%390-4720
10Burnaby South7450111,9736.65%3042-4408
11Port Moody–Coquitlam4410110,8173.98%153-4257
12Saskatoon West713083,7118.52%2889-4241
13Cloverdale–Langley City5395117,6404.59%1394-4001
15Richmond Hill2940110,1772.67%212-2728
16Vancouver Kingsway13675104,87013.04%11486-2189
17Burnaby North–Seymour3430102,4863.35%1585-1845
19Edmonton Centre6190109,9415.63%4482-1708
21Winnipeg South317599,6783.19%1645-1530
22Calgary Skyview13685135,73010.08%12206-1479
25Vancouver Granville4255103,4564.11%3177-1078
27Kildonan–St. Paul853084,07710.15%7500-1030
29Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill1935115,2271.68%1060-875
30Hamilton Mountain3650104,8773.48%3078-572
31Edmonton Mill Woods9200118,5617.76%8857-343
32Charleswood–St. James–Assiniboia–Headingley273582,5743.31%2417-318
35Niagara Falls2105136,2921.54%2061-44
36Windsor West1955122,9881.59%1922-33
37South Okanagan–West Kootenay815114,6950.71%796-19